Carter Hargrave Martial Arts

Carter Hargrave: A Martial Arts Success Story 
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As early as age seven, Carter Hargrave set off on the path of martial arts perfection. This native to Oklahoma started training under Goju Ryu Karate Master Lou Angel in the 1960’s in Tulsa. His path hit a fork, however, when he decided that he was just too young to continue training; he promised he would return someday to the discipline. Carter went on to return to martial arts when his high school friends in Texas were actively training. In the late 70’s, Carter returned to Oklahoma and continued his martial arts training.

Hargrave went on to become an assistant instructor for the Oklahoma Karate Academy. He taught both Korean Ju Jitsu, Kuk Sool, as well as Tae Kwon Do. One day, a master instructor of the famous Bruce Lee School of California came to his school. Carter was interested in Lee’s teachings. One of his students later invited him to his home to meet someone, who ended up being the very Lee instructor he had met at his school. The Lee instructor challenged him to a sparring match that changed his life forever.

Hargrave began to use his fighting methods against the Lee instructor, but was no match for Lee’s Jeet Kune Do discipline. Despite his repeated kicks and punches, he was never able to land a strike against his challenger. The JKD instructor finally asked Carter if he was ready to start; Carter replied that he thought they were already sparring. “No,” replied the JKD student, “NOW we are sparring.” He proceeded to throw Carter to the ground again and again, effortlessly. He asked Carter what he now thought of the discipline he had been teaching for two years.

Carter Hargrave Jeet Kune Do And Martial Arts Grandmaster