Carter Hargrave Charity

Carter Hargrave hopes to bring awareness and funding to charities through the Carter Hargrave Charity Foundation Website

As head of the Jeet Kune Do official website, the Bruce Lee art, Carter Hargrave is a high profile teacher. It is his goal with the Carter Hargrave Foundation  to take this position and bring awareness to the charity and giving missions to help children and childhood diseases through our support of the One Organization, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and Reading is Fundamental Organization.

Another of the missions of the Carter Hargrave Foundation is to spread literacy throughout the world via accelerated reading programs not just to children but also to parents of children.

Without the basic reading skills a fulfilled life is all but impossible and removing these limitations is what the foundations goals are all about.

We are partnering with various organizations to assist them in bringing literacy teaching and health awareness to as many as possible.



Carter Hargrave Jeet Kune Do And Martial Arts Grandmaster