Carter Hargrave Anti Bullying Kit

The Carter Hargrave Anti Bullying And Stalking Program.

This program is free to use and is a public service from Carter Hargrave.

Most, if not all, of the national programs that are offered have extremely limited success, and rely on a high degree others interest and input in your problem to get it resolved. Many times, thankfully not all, school personnel or officials, be it public or private business, would rather you go away than to help. They view a bullying problem as a failure of their policy or procedures, and don’t want to admit failure.

That is where this program offers advice where no other does. The downside to state and national programs is that they try to limit your options, and thus limit your success against the bully. It seems as if those programs or guides were developed by those who have never been bullied, and don’t know what really works. When hugging it out, timeouts, and getting others on your side for peer pressure don’t work. What are they thinking??? That never works, never has, never will.

On the bright side, if all the officials believe you, want to help you, land on the bully like a ton of bricks, those programs can end up working after many months or years. The teachers, principles aren’t around all the time; and when they are not is when the problem begins again. Psychologist, psychiatrist, counselors can get to the root of the problem to find what the causation is, but when you need real results, as a professional conflict resolution master like a Karate or Self Defense teacher.

They are the real experts at human behavior, or more accurately behavior modification. In the end that is what we are after. If you are currently going through one of the above state or federal sanctioned bureaucratic programs and its not working, or have not taken any steps yet, read over our free program and get some relief.

This program offers more detail on what to do and what not to do, as well as offering quick resolution suggestions and tactics to win the war against the bullies in you or your child’s life. We would rather be politically incorrect and have you or your child safe, than to offend no one and have years of torment, injury, and psychological damage that lasts a lifetime.

Download the free help forms at the end of this page

Learn more about our program. Click on the links to download our anti bullying and stalking survival kit free of charge. This comprehensive program will take you step by step through the process; from identifying the problem to multiple solutions, all with a positive outcome. Developed for kids as well as for adults as stalking and bullying knows no age, sex, or race.
You will not find a program like this anywhere else, all developed by Carter Hargrave an expert in anti stalking and how to stop bullies, and the steps to get others including law enforcement involved. Download links are below.


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